Voice of the Ancients

I have carved the bones of ancient animals and worked with the artifacts of early people. As I held them in my hands, they whispered their stories. Their blood flows in my veins and yours. I am the voice of the ancients, listen. The story starts 20,000 years ago...

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Shingledecker Paintings

Alaskan artist Bruce Shingledecker painted intriguing,and spine-tingling scenes of Alaskan wildlife with a soft touch. His work captures the character and charm of Alaska’s diverse wildlife. Originals, Artist Proofs, Prints and Mini-prints available now!

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Bronze Sculptures

Jacques and Mary Regat bring out the beauty in life through their sculptures. They have been working together for over 30 years, sculpting in a variety of materials including stone, wood, bronze, and silver. Current editions of bronzes and new releases are here!

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Article by Diane Goble in the Nugget News about the T-Rex Embryo http://www.nuggetnews.com/main.asp?SectionID=8&SubSectionID=8&ArticleID=23733

The new "Early" Earthy Look! Dino bone fragments, Petrified Pendants! Great for the "Tattered" Look in clothing!