Voice of the Ancients

I have carved the bones of ancient animals and worked with the artifacts of early people. As I held them in my hands, they whispered their stories. Their blood flows in my veins and yours. I am the voice of the ancients, listen. The story starts 20,000 years ago...

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My First Scientific Article on these three Dinosaur Embryos proving  they have two umbilical cords leading to a placental mass is AVAILABLE NOW! 


My second Scientific Article on the Embryonic Development of Triceratops is available now!!!  Look by Dinosaur Fossils, under Articles!  Download them for $10 or get a printed out, signed copy for $30!  These are going to be great gifts!


Egg, wet feathers, forming bird, little bird

My third Scientific article The Embryonic Development of Birds with Feathers is finished!  All three articles can be printed out, signed and shipped for $100... a great stocking stuffer!

Shingledecker Paintings

Alaskan artist Bruce Shingledecker painted intriguing,and spine-tingling scenes of Alaskan wildlife with a soft touch. His work captures the character and charm of Alaska’s diverse wildlife. Originals, Artist Proofs, Prints and Mini-prints available now!

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This is Bruce painting Alaskan Fisherman

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This is the original used for the limited edition prints and the cover of my second book. The owner has lowered the price to $115,000 This is a very collectible painting. If you are interested, call me... 541-549-1140

All three Scientific articles can be e-mailed to anyone anywhere for $30.  Scientists will be very interested in my discoveries.  The fossils are for sale under Dinosaur Fossils.  I want a large company to buy them and donate them to Science!  By the way, these articles represent $3,000,000 worth of the best fossils I have ever found!  Help sell them to that big company and receive a 3% commission!


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Bronze Sculptures

Jacques and Mary Regat bring out the beauty in life through their sculptures. They have been working together for over 43 years, sculpting in a variety of materials including stone, wood, bronze, and silver. Current editions of bronzes and new releases are here!

NEW Bronze Sculptures


To Share or not to Share A sweet set by the Regats!

Rosebud and Catch of the Day

Eagle Spirit Legend in Bronze!
                      Eagle spirit totem bronze sculpture by Regats


Chilkat Majesty #7 .999 pure silver



Morning has Broken  $10,750  Order now!  Dec. 1st we will be getting the new price increases on the Regat bronze sculpture.  


I'm offering a special, no interest "Friendly Time Payment Plan!" Put one fourth down on any art piece or fossil, choose your own payment amount, pay on time and I will pay your shipping when you finish paying! Call me 541-549-1140


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The new "Early" Earthy Look! Dino bone fragments, Petrified Pendants! Great for the "Tattered" Look in clothing!