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Cha is a talented and versatile artist from Juneau, Alaska, and now in Sisters, Oregon.

She found initial success in Alaska as a highly skilled ivory carver and artifact artist. She created many beautiful and fascinating pieces over the 35 years that were her distinguished ivory career. So prolific was she in this unique medium, that you will discover we are still privileged to carry and feature a number of her fine ivory pieces in the gallery. Many fine pieces are accessible to you right here through our website. Just visit our ‘Ivory by Cha’ section.

Today though, it is all about glass!! Pure Color, Fire and Brilliance!

No longer actively working in the ivory medium, she works with the finest raw glass materials, including Moretti and Italian glass. She often uses a technique called lamp work, and is so skilled that she can suspend a single tiny rosebud in an earring or pendant! At times her work can be  playful as with her small decorative light bulb hair sticks with tiny gold ‘filaments’ suspended inside. May we never be without ideas! The sheer beauty of her wearable art, heart shaped pendants are hypnotic and hugely popular! Each one is as special and unique as the person who wears them. Cha is thoroughly under the spell of the torch and creating something more exciting and beautiful everyday.

Another technique she enjoys utilizing is glass fusing. Occasionally she will combine a lamp work designed piece with a fused piece, as found with her ‘Wall Flower’ series. The idea or theme of ‘the face’ is still a strong element in her current glass work, as it was in many of her most loved ivory pieces, such as her walrus tooth faces and cameo face pieces. This theme has been transformed and is new, fresh and exciting in her vibrant line of glass masks. In her ivory faces each piece has it’s own subtle,delicate personality. With her new glass faces, they are outgoing and playful, textured, colorful and amazing.

Cha is also still actively inspired by artifacts and enjoys studying ancient peoples and history. Most recently she took a trip to Arizona and Texas to study fossils and dinosaur tracks! Like the ancient Alaskan mammoth and saber tooth tiger bones which found their way into her ivory and glass work, perhaps we will be lucky to discover something of dinosaurs in her art soon?

Cha always surprises us with the fascinating and unexpected in her art. As always it is with grace, skill and beauty. Because she is constantly experimenting, learning and pushing her chosen medium, this is what makes her work so interesting, appealing and desirable. Both her glass and ivory work have been highly sought after, and collected around the world!