single boxWe ship the prints in reinforced square tubes, there are two sizes: 6 x 6 x 22 and 6 x 6 x 28.  We can put up to six prints in a box, it actually makes the box stronger.  We have learned a lot shipping from Alaska!

When you receive the box, take it directly to the framer if you can, handle it as little as possible!  If you want to store them for a while, have your framer shrink wrap them on foam core.  It isn’t good for the print to keep it rolled up. Only touch the margin, not the image!

We guarantee we will get the print to you, but the second you open the box it is yours.  If there is any damage to the box, alert your post office and show them to make a claim, or just don’t accept it!  We fully insure everything and if there is a damaged print we will replace it with the next lowest number.  Remember, Bruce won’t be signing anymore.

Shipping Rates

Prints: $50 for shipping and handling / $100 for foreign. Global express for shipping foreign is the best.
FREE SHIPPING (Priority Mail) with the purchase of three or more prints

Minis: $15 for shipping and handling for sending 1-3 minis

Originals and Bronze: not more than 3% of the cost, UPS available upon request