Adorable Deplorable Buttons by Cha!

Made in USA!

     Bet you know an “Adorable Deplorable” that would like one!  They were so much fun to make and wear.  I carved some of my old shell buttons and used old pin backs that have a patent date from 1932…  These are a very limited edition, let my crew choose one for you!  They will wrap and ship them, too!

                Buttons with shanks $60        Pins  $66 – $125         Stick pins  $40   

      Pendants with silver chain or buckskin strips  $88 – $125           $10 shipping

             Buy three and shippings free! 

      Remember  my skeleton crew, Urike, Sniffillis and Olgra?  They are back early…

         Your PFD will be here soon,                                   so order your favorites now! 

                                               My skeleton crew will help you!  


Don’t forget!   You get a small Dinosaur egg for every bronze you buy!  Not only that! Spend $5,000 and name a pup or mammoth in my book series… Spend $15,000 and name a character!  No city sales tax in Sisters, either.  So how can you resist? 

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