Adorable Deplorable buttons by Cha!

These are reallllly pretty!

     Do you know an “Adorable Deplorable” that would like one?  They were so much fun to make.  I carved some of my old shell buttons and used old pin backs that have a patent date from 1932…  This will be a very limited edition, let me know what you like!  I can send pictures.  What are you going to do with your old shell buttons?

                             Pins  $66 – $125 ……   Stick pins  $40  (six available) 

            Pendants with silver chain or buckskin strips  $88 – $125     $10 shipping

            Order your favorites now!

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Don’t forget!  Free shipping on Shingledecker through September!  And… you get a small Dinosaur egg for every bronze you buy!  Not only that!  Spend $5,000 and name a pup or mammoth in my book series… Spend $15,000 and name a character!  No city sales tax in Sisters, either.  So how can you resist?  I’m ready to wrap and ship…!