Bring the Beauty of Bronze into your life…

Morning has Broken 

                 by Jacques and Mary Regat

                                                 26″ x 28″ large…      $11,750      $500ish shipping USA

     Birds gather together in the fall to make their way south for winter.  The bluish-white patina makes this sculpture look soft.  We should have the things we love and enjoy them as long as we can.  Choose your favorite three Regat bronzes and you will receive free shipping!  And, I will send you three little Dinosaur eggs as a bonus!  All made and laid in the USA!

Rainbow Rising  

               by Jacques and Mary Regat

                                             14″ x 10.5″ x 6.5″              $3,995    shipping   $200ish USA


This rainbow trout has an iridescent patina that makes it look real and delicious!

      Midnight Shadow

                         by Jacques and Mary Regat

                          11.25″ x 20″      $3,750               $200ish shipping in USA

 This wolf would be wonderful on your mantle, don’t you think?  The last one I saw had a beautiful deep mottled red patina.  It is absolutely amazing what the patina artists can do now.  So!  Let me hear from you!   

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