Choose… Dinosaur Egg or Carved Ivory Bunny


Believe it or not, these are Dinosaur eggs!

The one at the top looks like a double Duckbilled Dinosaur.  It is resting on a bunch of tiny little eggs in which tiny bones, teeth and organ parts are inter-mixed.  Next to it is another interesting egg.  The tips of many tiny bones can be seen.  The angular egg has lots of tiny bones, too.  Next is the middle egg, and then the bottom egg.  Click the blue words for more description, pictures and prices!  Then of course you can contact me with your orders!  I also have tiny eggs with or without creatures.   And… embryonic heads with loops.  Some of them are adorable!  Peruse my fossil section.  Since these eggs and embryos are so unique and expensive, I have a friendly time payment plan for you, nothing is impossible.  You can learn more by reading my three  Scientific Articles.  The best part is that I found these fossils myself and they were Laid in USA!!!   I would love to sell them to a big company.  They could donate them to Science for a big write off and receive loads of good will!  

        These are  perfect  for Easter!

The Bunny gives you  some perspective, 1.75″ x .75″ x 1″  It has ruby eyes and 14k gold whiskers.  I carved it from a large walrus tooth, $1,800.  It is sitting in the impression of another Dinosaur’s foot  which forced this egg to rupture at both ends. When the eggs still has some viability, they seem to try to form a head.



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