Dinosaur Eggs, Embryos and Hatchlings!

Small Dinosaur Eggs!   $100 ea

Who could possibly imagine that a Dinosaur egg could be just an inch long?  When I dug them up, I thought they were the positive impressions of Dinosaur feet.  Then… six years later I started cleaning them.  They were covered with baby Dino Do-do.  It smelled like I was working over a dirty diaper.  There are all kinds.  Some have developing creatures, they start at $250.  Great for collections, kiddos love these!  Spend $150 to receive free shipping until November 20th.  Click SHIPFREE  at check-out!

 Chachadinosaurito  (Cha cha’s little Dinosaur)

 I was digging on private property in Glen Rose, Texas.  It is located next to Dinosaur Valley State Park. This is the first embryo I found.  I had it authenticated and named it!  Look closely and you will see a little face, bones and organs. 

Yours for  $100,000

I have written three Scientific Articles on my fossils.  They sell for $30 ea or you can get them as a PDF file for $10 ea.

Below are more eggs in different stages of development.  The large black one on top is a Triceratops egg.  Some of the shells were hard, but others were leather-like.  The little one on pink silly-putty has the impression of a small Dinosaur foot print in the middle.  In the positive impression, you can see three long toes, a meat eater footprint!  Eighty percent of them were trampled by their litter-mates.   

Triceratops Hatchling … $200,000

This creature was covered with calcification about a quarter of an inch deep.  I thought it was ribs with petrified tissue, then I turned it up-side down…  You can see he has armor on his hips.  See the little broken horn?  Fossils are fascinating!  Peruse the fossil section of my site.  You will find the embryonic Dinosaur heads I made into pendants, some are adorable.  People love them and they make great gifts!  I have used gold and silver loops.  Some have holes for cord.