Dinosaur Eggs, with or without Creatures!

 Is your collection small or large?  

        I have eggs that are less than an inch long.  A fellow fossil hunter just found an egg that weighs over 100 lbs.  He turned around and found another that was ten times as big.  It is easily the largest  Dinosaur Egg found on this continent!

          Small eggs, one inch are $100   

   Small eggs with creatures start at $350

    The really large eggs are $100 a lb.

Large eggs with creatures are $350 a lb.

               Now, that is an egg!

In the tiny eggs below,

you will see bumps and depressions.  The bumps are bodies of little creatures forming. The depressions are tiny footprints of their siblings.  Sadly, eighty percent of them died from being stepped on.   The best part is all these eggs were Laid in the USA!

   Battling through thick clouds of chiggers and mosquitoes and treading over soft, sticky sand riddled with tunnels of fire ants, I made my way day after day to my digging site by a huge tree.  I was looking for the positive impressions of Dinosaur feet in the stifling, humid Texas heat.  My hole was over a nesting site.  I knew that because of the petrified Do-do or regurgitation that surrounded the area and the size of the prints that I was finding.  But…  they weren’t prints.  If I had known that, they wouldn’t have been in storage for six years.  

     After I found the “Rosetta Stone,” an agatized sauropod embryo, I was able to recognize others. Everything I was pulling up was covered with baby Dino Do-do, but that is what probably preserved them.  There were tiny Dinosaur heads, noses, feet, eggs, more embryos, a little bird with feathers and a tiny Stegosaurus skeleton in an egg.  Some looked like puppies, puffins, eagles, rhinos, hippos and horses.  Some were really scary!  Over and over I saw they had two umbilical cords in their mouths and tiny nose plugs like an infant.  That is when I wrote the Scientific Articles. Click the blue below and you can see what I found, too!


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