Do you have… dirty fossils?

  I can clean and process them for you!

     During the last two years, I have worked on my fossil collection from Glen Rose, TX. Everything was covered with baby Dino Do-do.  Some were a quarter inch deep with calcification.  However, with my forty-five years of experience carving fossil walrus ivory and prehistoric bone,  I figured out how to remove the yucky stuff and stabilize the creature beneath.  It is very interesting work and guess what it smells like… giggle.

     You might have some favorites that you would like reveled to satisfy your curiosity. Fossils that need to be carried with a back-hoe would be way to big and would take years to work down (I’m getting old now).  However, if they are not bigger that two hands full, I would be interested.  My minimum fee is  $100 per hour plus $25 for supplies.  You pay the shipping back and forth.  Turn around time is a week.  

                        If you are interested, call me!  541-549-1140

Duckbilled Dinosaur Embryos

In the specimen on the left you can see the petrified cartilage forming the bill.  On the right side you can plainly see the nostrils on top of the bill, that little guy is more developed. You can also see two umbilical cords leaving his mouth. They form a square with fluid that petrified between them. These are so interesting that I put them on EBAY. There are lots more pictures there, so take a look!

 Embryo One   #192163299565

 Embryo Two   #192163299566  

I have written three Scientific Articles on some of my fossils.  See  more at

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