The “Early Earthy” look, for him!

Petrified teeth and bones with 14k loops

   These ancient teeth from Alaska are smooth and beautiful.  Many came from high up the Yukon River.  Wolf Hebel would go up looking for mammoth ivory, it was when they were doing all the skrimshaw in Seattle. When he couldn’t find any, he would pull the bone and teeth, bring them to Anchorage and I’d buy them so he could make another trip.  It was expensive and dangerous.  The state said we could do it until folks started getting trapped and had to be rescued.  Then, they wouldn’t let us anymore.  I have other beautiful collectible teeth if you might be interested.  Some came from Nebraska.

 My “Early Earthy” look, the narly section... 

Petrified pendant  with blood and tissue!  These are the perfect accessory for the trendy tattered look in clothing, men love these!  The edges are rough, wear at your own risk!  If your clothing isn’t tattered, it soon will be.  I wear a petrified blood vein I found here in Sisters.  These start at $244 – $750    Interested?  Contact me  or call 541-549-1140

The pendants below start at $88 and go to $750  They are on strips of soft buckskin.  Let me know how much you want to spend and I’ll find it!  Buy three and shipping is free!


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