Emerging from Primordial Oooze…

         The “Early Earthy” Look  by Cha

Men, women and kiddos have loved my new look!  It is perfectly casual, and really great for people who love fossils. My first batch of pendants were made with petrified Dinosaur bone with blood and tissue and strung with buckskin.  I don’t grind off the rough edges, they are gnarly and fun! Last spring I added gold and silver loops to some. These are the perfect accessory for the “Tattered Look” in clothing.  Instead of dressing up, you can dress down!  These fossils are 113,000,000 years old and they were laid in America!     These are great gifts for someone special, maybe even you!

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           Timmy the T-Rex and his siblings

                    Terry, Tommy and Tillie!

Below is “Duckie” an embryonic Duckbilled Dinosaur head.  You can see its little tooth on the left hand side.  It is so adorable.  These little guys have so much personality, even as embryos.  Below it you see… Snag,  Rexaroo,  Duckie, and Sleepy Suzzie.  The pendant on the top is a little embryo with its head tucked down on the left, its umbilical cords can be seen leaving the mouth area.  I have written three Scientific Articles on these fossils, they had two umbilical cords.  

   After I discovered the T-Rex Embryo, gateways to the past were opened… I have cleaned and sorted fossils for more than two years and have found some of the most interesting things. But, what do you do with them?  The very best specimens will go to collectors, the most interesting will go to Scientists and then there are the other things, parts and pieces of embryos, heads and parts of heads like Dinosaur noses with tiny nose plugs, and other things that are still mysteries…  Take a look at my Double T-Rex embryo!

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    P.S…  I think some Dinosaurs were near the volcano here in Sisters when it blew up. Their bodies were blown to bits and petrified immediately in the absence of oxygen like what happened at Mt. St Helens.  Why?  Because the first thing I found here was a petrified eye ball… then a little Dinosaur foot and small pieces of petrified tissue and bone. Then, I found some embryos and more heads!  Apparently some of the other creatures thought they were tissue, ate them, couldn’t digest them and were preserved in their coprolites!  Of course I made those into jewelry, too!  These have been great for kids!  Bring them with you for spring break!  

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