Eveon by Cha Rnacircle


One of the most interesting things about writing is that the characters take on a life of their own.  They are with me all the time, too.  One of the reasons I moved to Sisters, Oregon was to have winter to finish the series, but I don’t want to end it. The first book was really hard to write, never ever did I think about writing something that long but, 350,000 words later I’m in the middle of book eleven!  The publishers of Friesen Press suggested that I write a bio on my characters which I did in book four.  There are many.

I based the characters on family members and people I knew to start.  My Mom was into genealogy and had done a lot of research.  There was a book about the Cherokee Nation when they had a law suite with the government.  They were trying to show how much Indian blood they had… But what I saw was their beautiful, musical names.  You could see how they had already began to morph from entry to entry.  I changed the names of my carvings to characters in the books so folks could get a visual.

Some of the artifacts came from an old school house in Tularosa, New Mexico.  They had come from a dig site someplace around there because they had tiny numbers.  Tugs image was from a flaked pink stone that really looks like a short faced bear. Tug is an animal that looks like a bear- lion or was he a bear-wolf?  They found out he was a dog when Pheleta arrived with her dogs, suddenly there were lots of puppies!  They also have names and roles.  One stone had an eagle with a moon.  The bottom had been flaked as a base.  There was a finger bone with an awfully deep cut that didn’t heal.  From all that emerged, Eegeegoo a master flaker!

Tug, by some ancient stone flaker    $4,400

The stone is 1.25″ x 1″ x .5  It is beautiful stone from the Pink Bead Settlement.


     Alocore,  by Cha

This carving is on an old walrus oosik mounted on teak. 28″ long 5″ deep and 4″ wide it is  $12,000  This character is one of my ex-husbands my Mom and both hated.  We turned him into a psychopath and killed him off! It was wonderful…  Evil Alocore worked the sticky dirt in the Green Bead Settlement.  He made clay vessels for food and special things for Olgara and Darlone, the women of pleasure.

Would you like immortality?

Spend $5,000 and you can name a pup!

Spend $15,000 and you can name a character!!

Buy an original and you can become a character!!!

It will cost about $35,000 to publish the rest of my series. Add overhead and it will be about $60,000.  So don’t hold back,get something wonderful so I can continue.  Any of the carvings I have put in my book series will be famous, a good, serious investment, don’t you think?

   Super Bison Skull   $38,000

It is 32″ wide and 14.5 inches between the rims of the outer eye sockets. 

This skull is huge and heavy.  It came from an old mine by Delta, Alaska.  Do you see the deep scars on his nose? I have had it for forty years.  It has a role in my book series, too.  It is the bison that took the eye of Tellero.


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I’m giving you the sign of thankfulness for all the support you have given me, my artists and staff through the past 42 years.  May we have many more!  I hope you have enjoyed the things you have gotten as much as we all had making and selling them!  

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