Fossil Fever!

 Since my Fossil Finding Friends are making

          some fantastic finds, I’m making a section for them on my site.  It is the…

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     The folks who found these, Carlyle and Jean are from Illinois.  No Dinosaurs had been found there until these emerged.  The thing is, they must have petrified immediately after some violent incident.  They are so exquisitely preserved, you can see the skin texture and color!  With that state of preservation, there is probably DNA and soft protein trapped inside.  Scientists will want to see these, collectors will want to have them!  I’ll be adding more pictures as I get them.  When the Documentary for The Petrified Finger  comes out, we will let you know!

     This little hatchling head  of a Duck Billed Dinosaur is about 3.5″ long and .75″ wide.  If you look closely, you can see the tongue and a piece of the eyelid.  Click the blue for more pictures and prices.

      We need help identifying our creatures and which eggs and body parts came from whatcreatures!  If you think you could help us authenticate these finds, you would get credit!  The best part is they are all found in the USA!

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     The warm weather in this area has been good for Fossil Finders.  Hoka He has been out in the field and has some great finds.  One is a large creature emerging from an egg, is he ever happy!  His friend found a spherical egg that weighs 280 lbs.  These are from South Dakota near the Hell Creek area.  

Another man from Iowa has found some petrified embryos that have been made into tools by ancient people.  It is absolutely amazing what folks are digging up.  I will be posting more pictures and adding more finds as soon as I get them!

      So!  Go the Fossil Gallery and buy a Valentine’s Day gift so we can continue.  


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