From Primordial Ooooze….

Dinosaur eggs, embryos and little heads…

    The young and old are fascinated with Dinosaurs and they should be!  Since I started digging and telling folks what I have found, others have come forward with their findings.  Hoka He found found a Dino egg that weighs over 1,000 lbs.  Imagine the creature that hopped out of it!  Some of my tiny eggs are less than an inch long.  The little birds that hatched from them were as big as insects!  A man from Iowa found what looks like a club made with a small petrified head with teeth.  A couple from Illinois found a Theropod  head, 5″ long and it has a 15″ long neck, two leg bones and an arm with hands and claws. You can see petrified tissue plainly clinging to the bones.  They have more.  When they get me better pictures, I will add them to my “Fellow Fossil Finders” on my site.  The best part is they all were Laid in USA!!!

        Embryonic Dino Heads to wear!

 Some of my little Dinosaur heads have so much personality, I had to make them into jewelry.  I added gold and silver loops and made a collection with other petrified bones and embryos calling them my “Early Earthy Look.”  Below is “Ducky,” you can see it is a tiny Duck billed Dinosaur head with a tooth!  The loop is 14k and will accept a 5mm omega.  Yours for $1,100

    Rexaroo  is another one with personality and history!  There was an EBAY bully who insinuated my embryos were… illegitimate.  Well, I named this one after him and put it on EBAY, never heard from that guy again!  It is hung on a buck skin cord.  I don’t know what kind of Sauropod it is, but it has rounded teeth.  I call them “Floppy noses.”    He is $2,800  One way you know these are embryonic is that they have tiny nose plugs like an infant. 

   I have written three Scientific Articles on them.  They are $30 ea printed out or $10 ea for the PDF file.  When you buy one of these, I will send one as a bonus!

Below is the sweetest little embryo.  You can see one of the umbilical cords very clearly. You can actually see inside the cord with a loop.  It leads to the mouth, above it are tiny little nostrils.  Above the eye on the side below the loop is the impression  of a track it where it was stepped on.  Eighty percent of my finds died from being trampled.  Sweetie   $2,800  14k loop

Terry the T-Rex  $11,000  

   This is the only T-Rex embryo I have with an open mouth. Somehow the teeth are outlined in the puddle of quartz that was fluid at one time.  It is 2.25 ” x 1.75″ x .75″  Large for jewelry but it could be done.  There is a leg bone on back that makes it tip forward.  This is a very collectible fossil for that special person on your list!

Below is my Steeegasour made of little Dino eggs.  Kiddos love these!  They start at $100 and go up… Eggs with creatures start at $350  Since they are an inch and less, they will fit into stockings!!!

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