Hot? Cool down with Shingledecker!

 Against All Odds

                                  by Bruce Shingledecker

           Original  $115,000         AP  $1,100       Print  $500         Mini-print  $40                                                                shipping is about $35 double for foreign

 Polar bears have a cooling effect, don’t you think?  We guarantee it will lower your air conditioning bill!  This is our second best selling large print, another edition Bruce didn’t finish signing.  Buy it now and you will receive the matching book as a bonus!

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      Your book bonus for buying the print!

    I used this image for my second book in the series, Voice of the Ancients.  It is set in the ice age  20,000 years ago.  In it, Pheleta, (my Mom) is on a dog sled going from village to village up north.  She accidently turns down the ice corridor and winds up in the southwest.  She didn’t just zip down, though she could have.  Those dog sleds can cover a lot of territory, quickly.  She had adventures on the way…

   Just so you know, this is a trick to get you to buy the first book because it won’t make sense if you don’t.  So you may as well get the three others and save shipping!

#1  Right of Way,  $50

#2  Against All Odds, $50

#3  Dawn, $50

#4  At First Sight, $50

Buy all four books for  $200  and you receive free shipping!

Shipping $15 USA double foriegn

                           Arctic Summer  

                                by Jacques and Mary Regat                10.5″ x 25.t”    $4,750

     This is another one of my favorite sculptures.  The mold was damaged and there aren’t many left to sell.  If you want one, order now! 

                         Shipping is about  $300 in USA, double for foreign.

See more Regat Sculptures  and… when y