Hunting for Art? Set your sites on Shingledecker!


                 by Bruce Shingledecker   

             Original  $175,000         APs  $750        Prints $300         Mini-prints $30                 

    This lynx is sipping water from a pool surrounded by hoar frost.  It happens when there is a sudden change in the temperature, warm to cold.   The prints are 18″ x 21″

Let’s re-decorate those office walls with the “Out Doorsie Look” and take advantage of the new tax deductions for art!  Enjoy aiding the economy, I’ll help you!

   This image is the cover for my fourth book in the series, “Voice of the Ancients.”      

  In the Chill of Night    Your bonus print!

                      by Bruce Shingledecker

                  Artist Proof $1,200      Print $400       Mini-print $30        17″ x 26″

     Buy three Shingledeckers and you will receive this image as your bonus, plus free shipping!  I can  roll all four together and put them in one shipping container.  It saves postage.  And… no city sales tax!  

    The original sold years ago and then it was damaged in a flood. The artist proofs sold out, but there are two on the secondary market for sale.  This image and Misty Morning are good companions.  It is also good in law offices.

    This image is the cover of my eighth book.  I wrote a chapter in it that was so scary I couldn’t proof read it at night.


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