Hunting for Love?

Stealth Walker… Can lead you to it! 

              by Jacques and Mary Regat  $2,375     

     This striking sculpture represents one of the images the Regats made for their interpretation of the Eagle Spirit Legend.  It is 12″ x 14″ x 5″ great for your mantle. 

     Last year Stealth Walker was looking for love, did he find it?  YES HE DID!  His secret?  He uses bait!  He has these suggestions for you to try….

Love Potion #9   $288

Glass Hearts  $88. to $488

Dinosaur eggs  $100 – $100,000!


  Regat Sculpture   Peruse their work and order something now!  You receive one of these adorable little Dinosaur eggs as a bonus for any bronze sculpture you get!

 Contact Cha    541-549-1140

                  Tiny Dinosaur Eggs 

These little eggs are an inch and less!  I dug them up myself in Glen Rose, Texas.  Didn’t know what I had for six years, but I do now!  Some have tiny creatures in them.  If they hatched some would be as small as insects!  I think they just kept growing.

                      Small eggs    $100 ea                 Eggs with creatures   $350

My fellow fossil finder, Hoka He has just unearthed some larger ones in South Dakota, near Hell Creek.  When he sends them to me, I will process them and put them on my site.  He says they are Raptor eggs.  His are much larger and some have creatures, too.  He found the largest Dinosaur Egg  ever on this continent!  That’s the best part, all these eggs were laid in the USA!  What a great gifts these would make!

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