Last Season in Sisters!

        Fossil walrus ivory, prehistoric bones,                                 gold and glass! 

       Bolo’s are coming back they say. That is good, I have some beauties.  Get that piece you have always wanted, it will help launch my next adventure.  I love it here, the folks are warm, wonderful and friendly.  No city sales tax, either.  Some great folks have come through the gallery, too.  It is also very beautiful with wonderful places to see and visit.  But, it’s time for me to move on. The weather this winter has taken quite a toll on everyone and all the businesses.  I might stay in Oregon, maybe find a place by the coast, or Colorado… who knows?  You might have a suggestion! You will always be able to reach me through my on-line store,   I made these bolos below with fossil walrus ivory, my speciality, they are about $4,200 each.  If you might be interested, I can send pictures of others.   Some I used old whalebone dog sled runners that start at $388.  Shipping is included in USA.


This is one of my favorite carvings, she is a character in my book series                 Voice of the Ancients.  She breeds dogs in what is now Siberia.  It is a fossilized caribou antler mounted on ebony and teak.  $14,000.

    These prehistoric polar bear teeth are old amulets.  The large one came from a medicine man’s necklace.  The small one I made for myself years ago with split walrus teeth. $6,600 The larger one has two huge old cobalt trade beads and other Russian blues and Dutch faceted beads from the 15th century. $11,500

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How about a carved mammoth hip bone?

    This is so old.  It was found up the Yukon River by Wolf Hebel forty years ago.  You can see the percussion mark on the top left where it was hit by some ancient person!                               This is a great coffee table piece!  $8,800