Legends in bronze by Regat

Eagle spirit totem bronze sculpture by Regats

Eagle Spirit Legend….  $27,500

Jacques specializes in taking ancient legends and interperting them in bronze.  

 This is the story of a hunter who didn’t do the proper ceremony when he killed an eagle.  Though he became a great hunter, it threw nature out of balance.  When he tried to kill another eagle, it swept him up and took him to the Eagle Mother.  She told him the only way he could redeem himself and restore nature to the way it was, would be to make a drum that made the sound of a heart beat…

This sculpture is large and took Jacques years to make.  His research on the legend would fill a book.  

 It would be wonderful in a large entryway or in a protected area outside.  

Order now and you save shipping on any of your favorite Regat bronze sculpturesn in USA until December 22.   You receive a little Dinosaur Egg as another bonus!

 Totem Mosquito $450

King Louie…  $1,400

Legend of the Copper Moon … $9,950

Legend of the Swan Maiden  $2,410

Run of the Salmon People …  $16,750  (three left to sell)  You can hear my recording of the oral legend by clicking the blue title!