Lets fill those Bear Spots!



To Share or not to Share  by the Regats

Catch of the Day  $2,075   Rose Bud  $2,425      Both  $4,500

Mary made sets of these by using the same patina.  They are great fun to play with!

Putts and Purdy, both $1,350

Putts $675   Purdy  $675

These are another set you can play with, fun!

Order today, don’t delay…          

I’ll pack these bears for you today!

Order three and shippings free,

Your order means a lot to me!


Double Trouble and her cubs, all three for $8,695

Double Trouble  $4,795    Ringo $1,950    Snickers $1,950

Mary makes great bears, folks can’t keep their hands off them!  Get these for yourself!


More bears for you…

                             Click the blue for more details!

Arctic Summer   $4,750     Rambling Rose  $6,975    Shelter Cove  $1,275     Taku  $2,750   

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