Bruce Shingledecker The Sky is Falling Card

Lets start the season…!

Lets start the season by…                                              Sending… greeting cards!

Packs of 10 for $30 – Shipping $10   These are really nice for those folks that don’t have much room but you still want to give them something thoughtful.

Who do you see in the background?  It is Arctic Summer!  The edition is almost sold out.  If you want one order now!  The price is $4,750. The Regats have some adorable new sculptures that would work for those folks with just a little room, order three and shippings free!  Let me help you!  Looking for a Home, two adorable seal heads for $975.  Then there is Clam Feast, a little otter holding a clam as it floats on the water and Rider of the Arctic Wind, a beautiful white owl!  Go the my site, and scroll down on the home page for prices and sizes.


Something else for those who are space-challenged… The Mini-prints!

These have been such good items through the years.  They are easy to ship and fit into a standerd 8″ x 10″ frame.  You can look for the frames and slip them in yourself, or let the giftee do it!  Mini-prints…  There are 20 images, $40 each $10 shipping… buy three and shippings free!


     Call me with your orders   541-549-1140

     It was great fun having my Skeleton Crew to help this year.  We gave out 200 packets of Magic Seeds to the Halloween parade of Trick or Treaters.  We all voted, too!  They want to stick around until the election is over, it has been really exciting!  Just so you know, no matter who wins, life will go on.  So do your part!  Get out and vote!        contact cha