Metal Prints by Regat

Hunter Chasing Caribou

               Jacques and Mary Regat…

… created an interpretation of the Eagle Spirit Legend using these stylized images.  There are six panels that go around the top of a Dentists office in Anchorage, ninety three feet long.  It was a huge amount of work for them.  The images were so strong and so very interesting, the Regats printed them on metal.  

   These metal prints are sooo nice.  They have a wooden hanger on the back which makes the image come forward a half inch.  When they are on the wall, the shadows create a natural frame.  The colors pop!  These are 11″ x 14.”   Take them home and hang them right up, no frame needed, and a great price, too.  $165  free shipping in USA!  There are about twenty five images right now.

     Jacques is still working on the design for the new version of his sculpture, The Legend of the Sea Otter Woman.  It will be reallllly wonderful when he finishes.  Mary’s newest is a big mother grizzly with two small cubs crawling on her back!  

        Buy your Regat bronze sculptures from me, no city sales tax and… I will give you get a small Dinosaur Egg as a bonus!  And… free shipping in USA through Nov 20th!!!

Caribou Racing Ghost Herd 


There are two sizes…

11″ x 14 for $165

16″ x 20″ for $250

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Caribou Racing Left  below…