silver cast of a perched eagle by Regats

Now are you feeling Patriotic?

Chilkat Majesty  #7  

                  by Jacques and Mary Regat

                               19″ x 25″        $75,000            

    681 troy ozs of .999 pure silver.  Are you watching the price of silver slowly rising?  When it passes $24.25 an ounce, the price of this sculpture will rise. When the price of silver went up to $49.79, the price of the eagle was $136,175.  Buy it now and you can have your own mini stock market right on your desk!

Feeling helpless with all the awful things happening?  If you really want to do something, buy things Made in USA.  Even buying little things helps the economy grow.

           Eagles represent our nation.   The Regats have done wonderful eagle sculptures through the years and you should have one!


Many Winters  

    by  Jacques and Mary Regat  

                       12″ x 8″     $2,975  

This is also a wonderful desk piece, I love the color and feathers.  Don’t forget, I will send you a small Dinosaur egg for every bronze you buy.

Buy three and shippings free!

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      The raging fires across Oregon has really impacted our traffic.  The major event of the season, The Folk Festival was cancelled because of the smoke.  It affects so many people.  Buy locally and support those business near you and you can help!  

                Support our nation by buying products Made in USA!


                   At First Sight  

by  Bruce Shingledecker

       Original    $175,000            AP  $750           Print  $300                Mini-print $40    

              I’m using this image for the cover of my fourth book in the series,                              Voice of the Ancients!   Book eleven is finished and I have started book twelve!