My “Paleo” look by Cha

 Old stone arrowheads and tools strung with trade beads and buckskin!

                           $80 – $488

        About thirty years ago, my uncle gave me a bunch of arrowheads that he found on his property in Truth or Concenquences, New Mexico.  He and his wife were breeding pigs with extra ribs. That area was right by the Hot Springs which was my inspiration for the Settlement of the Healing Pools in my book series “Voice of the Ancients.”  It was a wonderful place for ancient people to gather and trade. I sorted the arrowheads into groups that would interest collectors.  I have one tiny arrowhead that is less than a half inch long, it must have been a toy. The largest is a slate blade 6.5″ x 3.5″  I used it in my book.  I decided to make some of the chipped pieces into jewelry, they are so unique. They came from the Mogollon people who lived in the area which is now Tularosa, Mescalero and Alamogordo.  Many came from the Mimbres by Silver City. Their arrowheads look like little black pine trees. Sixty years ago, (when I was still crawling, giggle) I picked up pottery shards and arrowheads behind Fort Bayard where my Mom worked when it was a TB hospital. Then, when I was married to “Evil Alocore” (he became a character in my series), we would find shards and detrius on his fathers ranch which was on the Mimbres River. When my brother cleaned out the old school house in Tularosa, he found a bunch of stone tools, arrowheads and more detrius which had been from an archeological site, they all have tiny numbers. In addition to these, I have my slate artifacts from Alaska and now have added some beautiful obsidian scraping tools found here in Oregon to my collection.

      When I left that area 45 years ago, the scientists said it was inhabitated for 10,000 years.  Now they believe people were there for 20,000 years and… the Mescalero Apache Indians are decended from the Athabaskan Indians in Alaska!

As you can see some have chips but they will make wonderful pendants with buckskin strips.  If you are interested in ordering some, let me know your budget and I can choose for you and send pictures.  They could be the perfect gift!  The prices are from $80 – $300  

Arrowheads for collectors start at $50ish.  My tiny arrowhead is $200 and my large slate is $1,500

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