Polar Bear Tooth Amulets

Or, maybe the ultimate gift…

  When I was in Anchorage forty years ago and had just starting into business, these Eskimo men came over to my house with a necklace of Polar Bear teeth they had just excavated.  It belonged to a Medicine Man or Shaman,,, It was expensive but I managed to buy half of it.  Through the years I have worked them up.  Recently I found the rest of them and have been cleaning, stabilizing, polishing and working them into more necklaces.  I also found my collection of Eskimo Toys, just in time for the holidays!  There is a special section for the amulets in Collectibles.  These are thousands of years old…

Collection of Eskimo Toys        $6,000

Can you imagine carving these tiny little toys with primitive tools?  I can sell them separately… 


So much can be done with these polar bear teeth.  You might have an idea!  The prices start at $2,000 and go up to $11,500.

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       For a Merrier Christmas, put these                           artists under your tree! 

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