Prehistoric Accents!

Suppose you lived 20,000 years ago…. 

in the Arctic and your Father said it was time to get ready to go hunting, where would you start?  First, you would look for the right fossil walrus ivory tusk (it would be stronger and harder than fresh ivory).  You would mark the shape of the adz on the tusk and you would relieve it with primitive tools starting with string and sand.  Next, you would find a large piece of slate for the blade and you would shape it. You would knap it with an antler tine and grind it against a harder rock.  Then, you would look around for a wood handle.  Of course it would be very cold and probably dark. You would need to make sinew or use strong leather to bind the blade to the handle.      

     When the adz was assembled, you could start on your armor that would protect you from other hunters.  You would search for long bones or antler that you could split and steam flat.  Then you could drill the holes with a bow drill to piece them together.   So your Father asks “How many net weights can you get from one whale rib?”  Usually the first one is the hardest, however whale rib doesn’t get easier to work, so you would probably say “Two?”  The rest of the rib could be used for a “Slave Killer.”  Of course an easier way to make a net-weight would be to find phalange bones of a whales flipper. They have curved holes that can be threaded with strong pieces of leather and attached to a long heavy net which you will make with walrus hide.  It will take many walrus skins to make a net that would stretch between islands.  Without the weights, they would float and tangle. Tired yet?                                                                                                                      

     That is one of the reasons I wrote my book series, “Voice of the Ancients.”  I think our ancient ancestors were misunderstood, misinterpreted and underestimated.  My “Prehistoric Accents” aren’t just meant to be decorative, they are thought provoking…

Adz  $3,275  Framed by Jaye Akey, our framer for years in Juneau … Now she specializes in making unique frames for my old artifacts and fossils.

Slave Killer  $2,800  a long, heavy whalebone club with a braided buckskin grip

Four net-weights   $3,300          The top two are very heavy phalange  flipper bones. The bottom is a grooved stone and the small one is an interesting bone with natural holes. They are braided together with buckskin.

Two net-weights  $1,200     These are made from a thick, heavy whale rib made thousands of years ago, they are black with age.

Mobile   $1,100   It is made with Eskimo Armor and old trade beads.


      Arctic Companions 

by Jacques and Mary Regat           $4,500  until Feb 28th…  $4,275

This is a Bowhead whale and it has a companion, the Beluga or pilot whale.  It happens to be the favorite whale of the Eskimos.  It has blubber, meat and extremely useful baleen. Ancient people would ride in their umiaks, harpoon a whale and drive it into the nets so it couldn’t return to the sea.

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