Prehistoric Fertility Dolls

   Fertility Dolls  for that collector on your list!

     Ancient women would carry Fertility Dolls to insure fertility.  Did they work?  We’re here aren’t we?  The first one looks like it was passed down through the ages, it is well worn. I attached it to a very old scraping tool.  These are all fossil walrus ivory artifacts found on St. Lawrence Island in Alaska.  The Eskimos didn’t settle the Land Claim Settlement Act until they got full control of whatever came off their own property.  Good for them! The middle one is small with excellent detail.  The topknot shows how they wore their hair.  The little breasts have tiny pointed nipples.  I sewed it onto an old adz handle.  The last one is small enough to be a toy, three-fourths of an inch tall.  It is seated into another ivory artifact of some kind.The back is so thin you can see a bright light through it.  Amazing that they didn’t carve through.  It has a niche on the back so it can be hung.  Because they are small, mounting gives them more presence in a showcase. Any collector would love to have these.  So would Fertility Doctors and Mid-wives.  They have even more value because I wove them into the story line of my book series, “Voice of the Ancients.”  Buy them all for $9,000, or $3,800, $6,400, and $1,100.

Medicine Doll    


This is another artifact in my book series.  Pheleta (my Mom) brings it from north along with a few other little treasures.  She appears in book two, Against All Odds and is a messenger and healer and goes from village to village on a dog sled with three dogs.  She accidentally turns down the ice corridor and finds her way to the Yellow Bead Settlement in the southwest.  It was winter and everything was glaciated 20,000 years ago.  As you all know, dog sleds can cover 1,000 miles a day.  She didn’t go that fast, she had adventures on the way! 


Voice of the Ancients  by Cha

When I was in Arizona taking care of my Mom, I was trying to think of some way to entertain her.  She was blind and on oxygen.  For some reason I said “Mom, lets write a book!”  Well, we picked up our family members and dropped them into the ice age, 20,000 years ago.  It was great fun.  Yvonne Oliver (I always thought she was a family member) is Eveon, a very beautiful healer.  She is in real life, too. My cousins-in-law became two prehistoric women of pleasure.  They get in big trouble in the third book, Dawn. Four books are published, and I am writing book twelve now… Uuka  

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See other collectible artifacts I used in the book.  Some are from the south west, I have been collecting these for years.

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