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Wondering what your Bruce Shingledecker print is worth now? Read on!

We do hope most of you collect these prints because you love them! And we think that is the most important part! However, because they are numbered and limited editions, they are valuable as well! Do you collect by number?! Looking to complete your set?! Gallery Hint: Having a complete set increases their overall value!

This is because of the way that we published them. It allows for a limited number of complete sets. There are only 50 possible sets of the Artist Proofs and 300 possible sets of the regular prints. This is one reason why the lower, earlier numbered prints are so much more sought after! Here is a summary…

Current market value if you have:
All 21 regular prints is $8,200
All 21 Artist’s Proofs is $19,100

If you have all 21 of the regular prints in the same number, their value doubles: $16,400.
If you have all 21 of the Artist’s Proofs, the value doubles again: $38,200

When one of the originals sells, the others we have will increase 10%.

We have to take into consideration the factor that when an artist passes away his work becomes finite and doubles in value.

Though we control the prices of the primary market until the print editions sell out, YOU control the secondary market – by what you want and what you are willing to pay! Gallery Hint! Get ahead of the game and order from us before the edition sells out! Contact us anytime!

For example:

Right now the Artist’s Proofs of the following are completely Sold Out,

In the Mist AP – sold out
Alaskan Dreamer AP – sold out
In the Chill of Night AP – sold out
The Sky is Falling AP – sold out

The last few AP prints of these sold at $500, which means now their value on the secondary market is at about $1000 each.

The Sky is Falling AP sold out at $1500 which means their value on the secondary market is $3000! Other Work:

Alaska Litho printed a promotional calendar of a polar bear image by Bruce Shingledecker in 1999. If you have this calendar in good condition, save it! Or, you can sell it to us! It’s worth about $25!

A very small number of “Mini Prints” were hand signed by Bruce Shingledecker in 2006. These are worth much more than a regular “Mini Print.” Let us know which one you have to determine the value.

The National Wildlife Federation licensed The Sky is Falling image for 4 years and used it in a Christmas Card. Do you happen to still have yours? Save it! It could be a neat companion piece if you have the limited edition print of The Sky is Falling!

Take Note:
We only have one framed artist’s proof of In the Chill of the Night #23 AP. It’s available for $1250. Also, there are only six Behind Every Bush AP’s at $850 each.

Don’t forget! There is now a secondary market section in this web site specifically for the Sold out or very low numbered Shingledecker prints. See “Secondary Market” We will help you by posting what folks want to buy and sell. Let us know if you are interested!

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