Voice of the Ancients books

When I was trying to entertain my Mom, I accidentally said, “Let’s write a book!” We put our family members back 20,000 years… It was more fun than you can possibly imagine. After living in New Mexico, Alaska, Arizona and now Oregon, I got to express my ideas on migration and what I think happened to the animals, it should make you think. I have used the Shingledecker prints for covers, there could be nineteen sequels!!
Just so you know, “Right of Way” is book one, “Against All Odds” is book two, Dawn is book three. and At First Sight is book four.. It is a pre-historic cliff-hanger!
If you like the first one you will have to have the next one and the next one!!!
I have re-named some of my favorite carvings to portray the characters in the book… I had this ex husband my Mom and I both dis-liked, giggle, We turned him into a sociopath and killed him off! There two “women of pleasure,” they get in big trouble in the third book, “Dawn!”

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