Dinosaur Egg, Brontosaurus with tracks




Look in the lower left corner for the head of this Brontosaurus egg!  I have spent all day trying to take a good picture, but it is still very vague.  It has four or five tracks which made it hard to recognize with all the distortion. I thought it was a bird!  Accidentally, I saw it in another light and there was the head!  Below I have tried to isolate the little head by wrapping it in tissue.  It has two umbilical   cords leaving it’s mouth.   The bump on the top is the vital fluid from the egg trying to form another creature.

Better enlarged


To make it easier to recognize, look at the next picture of the black head by the Brontosaurus egg. This too, has been stepped on, however you can see the forms match.  

IMG_7761 In this picture, I’m trying to show that these two eggs would match if not for the distorting tracks.  IMG_7753

This is a view of the back of the lower egg.  You can see the hips.





This is a better view of the hips.  One leg swings out to the right.  You can see the big track above it.  


I think the second one is an egg that died but had developed leaving just the bones.  Can you see the head shape?  This is a better view of the creature on the back. IMG_7748

This egg will be next!  The thing is that folks don’t expect eggs to look like this, but they do!