Against All Odds Artist’s Proof



Suitable title for this subtly striking piece of a polar bear in a snowstorm. Although this piece appears mostly white at first glance, there are surprising layers of gentle blues and grays and additional detail that emerge from the layers of white. He is strong and determined despite the storm around him.
I used this image for the cover of my second book in the series, “Voice of the Ancients”

Dimensions: H 32in x W 26in
Medium: Lithograph
Subject: Polar Bear in a snowstorm

Edition of 5000 However… Bruce didn’t finish signing the edition. There are 450ish left to sell.
There were only 250 artist proofs signed.  About 150 artist proofs are left to sell.
Buy this artist proof and you will get a copy of my second book as a bonus! An added $65 value!

The original is for sale on the secondary market for $115,000