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Go back 20,000 years into the ice age. Ancient people have a story to tell, listen…

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Excerpt from Book Five

Pheleta and Loula sat on the smelly old camel skin they used for birthing the pups. They watched the spring migration through slits in an old bison skin that protected them from the dust and dirt kicked up by the many skinny animals.  They were on the ledge that overlooked the grassy plains by the Yellow Bead Settlement.  Pheleta told Loula of meeting Sasiagila when Wawaluka dropped her in his lap in the Green Bead Settlement.  Loula giggled.  Pheleta said the destruction from the two floods was so horrible.  The melt water from the deep snows on the plains rushed down the mountain valley, swept across the river at the Green Bead and hit the Pink Bead Settlement.  Trees with icy roots were ripped from the ground, beaver wood was everywhere.

Paluska, who was from the Pink Bead Settlement, knew where to look for the body of Ganetue who had gone missing when he was with the two women of pleasure, Olgara and Darlone.  They found him at the far end of the dwellings naked and bloated in a pool of rotting smoked fish.  Pheleta told Loula she couldn’t get the smell from her nose for many days.  Ganetue had a ring of sun metal that Sasai wanted.  Pheleta sighed, she said she twisted his bloated finger off and gave the ring to him.  Everyone began throwing up. Loula held her fat stomach tight so her child wouldn’t come, she laughed so hard.