Chilkat Majesty #7–Silver



Chilkat Majesty # 7 edition of 25 by Jacaques and Mary Regat… 681 troy oz of pure silver – This eagle is hard to photograph, but it is drop dead gorgeous… It is $75,000 but when the price of sliver hits $24.15 per troy oz., the price goes up! When it hit $49.79 per oz, the price was $136,175. That was exciting! It was like having my own mini-stock market. Through the years, my gallery has sold six ! There are only two cast right now, the Regats are thinking about closing the edition. Another one of those things to get now if you can!

silver cast of a perched eagle by RegatsIMG_0011

This gorgeous silver cast of a perched eagle has a high polish and captivates everyone in the room.  You can see how it reflects everything!

Edition of 25

This edition is now closed.  There were ten cast, one through eleven were the numbers.  (Number 10 was skipped)  There are only two left to sell.

681 troy ounces of .999 pure silver

The price of the eagle is linked to the  price of silver so it changes daily when the price of silver goes over 24.25 per troy oz…call for the current price! (541) 549-1140

Dimensions: H 19in x W 25in
Medium: Silver
Subject: Perched Eagle