Dinosaur Fossils, Embryo, Chachadinosaurito



Dinosaur embryo

I found this Dinosaur Embryo in Glen Rose, Texas. I thought it was a petrified nut, then maybe a brain!  After washing it, I looked at it with my loop and could see inside it’s little mouth! I knew it was something and finally got it authenticated and named it Chachadinosaurito which means Cha cha’s little dinosaur.  You can see it has tiny little bones!  It is actually very small, a little over an inch wide!  It should be studied because you can also see tiny little organs inside.  If you know of anyone who might be interested, let me know!  It is in my book series “Voice of the Ancients.”  Wanalee (a cook for he Green Bead Settlement) and finds it when she is collecting eggs.

Back of Dino Embryo                                                      This is the back of the embryo.
Looking from the back down the side of head to nose!

This is the back of the head. You can see the mouth on the top left and bone tissue.