Dinosaur Embryo, Sauropod Pendant



I couldn’t resist making this little Sauropod Embryo into a pendant, it is the perfect size.  You can see a little footprint by the loop, there is another one on the back.  With a loop I can see there is so much going on the surface.  The shape is just starting to form.  It is 1.5″ wide x 1.25 tall x .65 deep.  It is the same type of Sauropod as the “Rosetta Stone.”  Some collector will want this, meanwhile it is mine!

Good two eyes! back leg

The eyes can be seen forming in the picture.  They are hard to see as I look at it in my hand.  



Sauropod Embryo pendant

You can also tell it is a little female!

Good of the two umbilical cords

Looking up from the bottom, two umbilical cords can be seen coming from the mouth and we can see the beginning of the feet.

Print on bottom

A little foot print can be clearly seen here on the bottom of the back.


This is an impression of the print.  I found it in Glen Rose, Texas while digging by a tree.  Of course I was on private property with permission.  I thought it was the positive impression of a Dinosaur footprint!  I didn’t know what I had for six years.  Buy this little girl and I will send you my three Scientific Articles as a bonus.  You will be able to see all the others