Dinosaur Embryos, Scientific Articles (Download Set of 3)



This set of three color articles includes:

Dinosaur Fossils, Embryonic Development of Dinosaurs
Embryonic Development of Triceratops
Embryonic Development of Birds with Feathers

Dinosaur Embryos, Scientific Articles, three

These are what the Articles look like printed out…

These are my three Scientific articles on The Embryonic Development of Dinosaurs; 12 pages… The Embryonic Development of Triceratops; 11 pages… and The Embryonic Development of Birds with Feathers; 10 pages.  Lots of pictures!

       I found and cleaned these fossils and the conclusions are mine alone.  The Dinosaurs from this time period and place had two umbilical cords in their mouths!  Scientists will love these and the best part is they were laid in America!  113,000,000 years old!
        By the way…   These articles represent about $3,000,000 of the best embryonic fossils I have ever found.  They are for sale.  I want a large company to buy them and donate them to Science.  They would get a huge write-off and a tremendous  amount of publicity.  If they go into a private collection, so much information will be lost to Science.
         If  you know of a company that might be interested, you could get a 3% commission for helping me to sell them.  Call me 541-549-1140