Dinosaur Embryos, Triceratops “Cookie,” pendant



These pictures are of  the Triceratops embro, “Cookie” with a gold loop.


The large hole on the bottom right is the eye.


“Cookie” has a tiny open eye, it is hazel.  It is next to the top of the first vertical line on the left.  I can see it with my loop.  A tiny footprint(?) can be seen near the top.  So many of these embryos have gotten stepped on and some were trampled.  It distorts them but sometimes the prints push the shape in the embryo up to the side and it can be seen better.


This is the back.  The eye is deeper.  I’m probably going to make it into a pendant because it is so smooth on both sides.



This is a picture looking into the mouth.  That little white spot is a tiny tooth forming!  Triceratops had very squatty bodies.