Dinosaur Fossil, Embryonic head




Coming from it’s mouth on the right is a thick dark, raised blue line.  That is the umbilical cord.  The whole thing was encrusted with hard white rock.  I had no idea something this nice could be inside.  It took days of soaking in vinegar and cleaning, soaking and cleaning but it is such a nice fossil.  I put it on EBAY but those folks weren’t ready.  


Here are some new pictures, I’m trying to show the wonderful texture.

IMG_5759 - Copy


The nose is on the right side, the dark tissue is part of the umbilical cord which has drained around the eye.


This is the back, we can see where the umbilcle cord is dark and raised.  It leaves the mouth and goes up around the head to the neck.


It is very large for an embryonic head.


This is the back where it was pulled away from the body.


       This is an embryonic Dinosaur head. It is very large, 3″ x 2″ x 1.25″ and in the last stages of development. Both umbilical cords can be see in it’s mouth. A thick dark one comes from it’s mouth curls around the nose, travels under the right eye, then crosses over the torn neck. The dark contents seeped out by the top of the eye on the other left side. That suggests the body was pulled off and the head spun around. There is wonderful texture to the skin.
      There are more embryonic heads to see, they are all unique! Some are as small as an eraser, some are four inches long and scary.
     I found this head in a nesting site in Glen Rose, Texas with permission on private property. Folks in that area say the site is 113,000,000 years old. The fossils I have were all covered with baby Dino Do-do which is probably why they were preserved! I’ll send PDF copies of my articles to whomever buys this sweet little creature.