Dinosaur Fossils, Embryo Pendant, Sweetie



This is an adorable little Sauropod embryo, 1.25″ x 1.25″ x .5″   If we look right below the loop, we can see the deep footprint of a tiny three-toed meat eater hatchling.  Beneath the eye, leading to the mouth we can see the umbilical cord.


Shown here are Cookie, another Sauropod embryo, this one and one other head that was more developed than these.

IMG_8547 IMG_8550

This is the side view showing the back and maybe two other little footprints together, these seem to have four toes.

good backs

These are the backs.  We can see a tooth on the top of the embryo on the right!


Not only does this Embryo have character, it shows a lot about the development.  Any Scientist or collector would love it!