Dinosaur Fossils, Embryonic head with gold loop, one






  Look at this cutie with an attitude!  It seems to be the embryonic head of a Duckbill  Dinosaur.  1.25″ x .75″ x .35″ I added a 14K gold loop and I’m showing it on my 5mm omega.   On the left hand side beneath the cheek, there is a little tooth forming.  It looks so cut on, I might keep it! When it moves, the little tooth flashes!

     This year I am expanding my “Early Earthy Look.”  It will include adding the loops to some heads and embryos that are interesting and adaptable.  This look matches the “Tattered” look in clothing.  I leave the rough edges. They won’t be for the meek, either.  The prices will start at $1,100 to… who knows!   

     I found it in Glen Rose, TX digging on private property with permission.  

The heads with 14k gold loops start at $1,100. The loops will accept a 5mm omega. The omega shown is not included.  Some heads with silver are larger, they start at $488.

IMG_7423 IMG_7424 IMG_7427