Embryonic Dinosaur Head “Rexaroo” Pendant



“Rexaroo” is an embryonic Dinosaur head.  I named it after one of the nay-sayers that hide in their safe little world of rules and only come out when they can prove their superiority.  They are fossil collectors, Paleontologists, and Geologists.  But, do they know everything?  Scientists are suppose to have open minds, anything is possible…

Soft tissue does petrify…                                                          Some Dinosaurs were tiny and laid tiny eggs.

    Some of the eggs were leathery.
       Some Dinosaurs had two umbilical cords!
   I found this little head and others while digging on private property with permission in Glen Rose, Texas.  I didn’t know what I had for six years, everything was in boxes.  Last year I discovered a T-Rex embryo and really  began cleaning my fossils.  Everything was covered in baby Dino Do-do.
      Rexaroo is one of my favorites.  He has personality!  It is hard to say what kind of Dinosaur it is because it is distorted. It could be a T-Rex because of the high eye and all the teeth that were trying to form.  However, even though some of the teeth are upside down, they are rounded.  Look at the nose and you can tiny nose plugs like an infant. I have been calling these, Floppy Noses.  It is 1.5″ x 1.25″ x .75″
      As a bonus for buying this little guy, I will send you my first Scientific Article!