Fossil Gallery, Hatchling Head, Deeno the Dino



This is a hatchling head of a Duckbilled Dinosaur, and it is sooo adorable.  It is about three inches long and has fantastic detail.  It must have petrified immediately after some violent event.  The perfect texture of the skin can be seen.  It was found by Carlyle and Jean on their own property in Illinois.

This is the left side of the head.  Around the mouth area you can see where part is torn off.  It may have been where the umbilical cords were.  Many of my little heads are like that.  This is such a good photo, you can see all the different textures and colors of the tissues.  On the top towards the back, we can see the vertebrae.

Looking into the mouth we can see three teeth at the top, part of the tongue and I think that is part of the throat plug.

This is the top looking at the vertebrae.

This is the bottom, we can see the throat structure and so much detail of the texture of the skin.

This is the nostril  from the bottom.

Deeno the Dino… you can see the wet places drying as the pictures were taken.