Fossil Gallery, Petrified Finger, Nephillum


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The folks who found this are from Illinois.  They have some really interesting specimens which you will be seeing as I receive the pictures.  This petrified finger is being used in a new Documentary!  This is a direct quote from the Finder…

Nephillum are sons and daughters of the 200 angels that fell from God’s grace.they landed on Mt. Hernon by Jerusalem. They bred with the daughters of man. And that’s where the well documented Giants come from. It’s crazy and bizzare Cha but I’m telling the truth as I see it and have been lead to these frozen in time creatures….and that’s why God destroyed the earth and Noah was a giant and so was his wife and sons that’s why we have Golith whom David slayed and from David was Israel and also he was the bloodline to mother Mary which in turn is Jesus/God…. And God had to put himself in the flesh so we could get how much he loves us and we have a choice of everlasting life and love….its a whole new dimension and our minds can’t comprehend the awesomeness  and wonder. This is why we call HISTORY HISTORY because it’s        “his story” and we are part of his wonderful tale.

There are many explanations for fossils and many different viewpoints… We’ll be watching for the Documentary!