In the Chill of Night



A wolf quietly emerges from the  mist. He is mysterious, strong, and illustrated beautifully in deep blues and purples. The eyes show thought and purpose and echo the full moon shining behind bare winter trees. Are we stepping into his world, or has he emerged into ours? This is a piece you will think about and interact with. Add this piece to your collection and add an exciting chill down your spine.

This is the cover for my eighth book in the series “Voice of the Ancients.”  In it I wrote a chapter that was so scary I couldn’t proof read it at night!  The original was destroyed in a flood in Las Vegas years ago… too bad….

Dimensions: H 26in x W 17in
Medium: Lithograph
Subject: Wolf and moon

Print edition of 500
Artist proofs 50 all sold… however, on the secondary market there are some for $1,200