Long Hard Winter Original



A solitary wolf quietly roams the woods in the midst of winter. His thick, white, fur coat and hunting skills are all he has to survive the winter. But he is strong and confident and has weathered many such long and hard winters. Snowdrifts sparkle against the heavy snow laden trees. A hint of grey-green peaks out from beneath blues and whites of the snow. Pale blue highlights portray a very crisp and cold winter day. This original acrylic by Shingledecker would make a lovely and poetic addition to your collection.
Currently I’m writing the eleventh book in the series, “Voice of the Ancients” with this image in mind for the cover. When I finish, the price of the original will go up!

Dimensions: H 31in x W 38.5in / Framed 33.5′ X 41′
Medium: Acrylic

Subject: Wolf in snow