Love Potion #9, New formula



Years ago when I was weaving and spinning my own wool, I was talking to this little old woman about dyes.  She gave me some formulas handed down in her family.  The recipes were on old paper written in Romanian and hard to read, she was a gypsy with a gold capped tooth.  Among them was this formula for a love potion.  The ingredients were hard to find.  Finally I was able to make up a batch of the old stuff.  It was so strong, all you had to do was hold the vial for the desired effect.  Men love this.  Then, in another batch I added choke cherries and rose hips which gave it a brighter color and a better smell.  Women really like the new formula!  I sealed the concoction in these little glass vials and added a 14k loop.

New Formula                                                                                                 These have large 14k loops and can be worn with chain (not included) buckskin strips, or rolled satin.

New Formula