Majestic Mammoth Original



Majestic Mammoth
The ancient mammoth roams the earth once again in this great original acrylic by Shingledecker. Through soft blues and grays Shingledecker has brought a powerful and legendary creature to life. He is strong and doesn’t seem to mind the snow storm swirling around him. There is a timeless and mysterious quality to this painting that is reminiscent of Shingldecker’s ‘Polar Bear in a Snowstorm’ series. It is quite entrancing. Folks just love this piece and we get many wonderful compliments on it in the gallery. Add this piece to your collection and capture the magic of a long lost ancient world.

Dimensions: H 23in x W 35in / Framed 25″ X 37″
Medium: Acrylic
Subject: Mammoth in snow

I’m using this original for the cover of my eleventh book, “Uuka”