Misty Meadow Skiers



This is also a lovely print of another of John Svenson’s beautiful originals. The lighting is overall more blue and cool than ‘Into the Trees.’ Perhaps it is the same mountain later in the day? A beautiful and complimentary piece to Svenson’s ‘Into the Trees.’ Imagine taking a short day in the office and hitting the slopes for the last run of the day? With this print you can! There is powder on the slopes and mist in the trees. A very peaceful print. Original Available.

The original was such a perfect painting…. I loved… The prints are wonderful.  Into the Trees is a good companion print for it.  Put this one on top and the other to the right and it looks like the skier is going to fly right into it!

Dimensions: H 18in x W 14in
Medium: Lithograph
Subject: Skiers