Misty Morning Artist proof



Imagine that perfect moment early in the morning after a dusting of powder the night before. All is quiet and you’re the first one to leave your tracks in the snow. This wolf is truly majestic and glows in soft grays and pale blues. It is almost a spirit of the forest and reminds us of the magic that is nature. Many other subtle colors emerge during different times of day as well, such as the softest pink highlights. It is meditative and peaceful. She seems to be the leader of the pack yet is friendly and beckons us to follow.

Dimensions: H 18.5in x W 25.5in
Medium: Lithograph
Subject: Wolf in snow

Print edition of 1000
The second half of this edition was lost. There are only 159ish left to sell.
There were 100 Artist proofs. Only fourteen are left to sell. Some had lots of pink… very pretty…